This was the most carefree move that we have ever experienced! We have moved a lot and we have never met movers as hard and as fast as they do. They seem genuine in guiding towards having a successful move. They are truly dedicated in their job and they assure to have an easy and smooth transport of our belongings. They were courteous and took care of belongings just like they own it. They took care of them and made an assurance of where to place those items safely and securely. Overall, their performance exceeded our expectations! Thank you Aurora movers! Taylor, 32, Aurora

From the time I chose Aurora movers to secure and handle all of my family’s personal belongings. I did not regret a single minute hiring them. This company is organized, professional and proficient. I felt they were up front and honest. They provided us with all the needed information and options available throughout the moving process. This company did an absolutely fabulous job in managing our moving. We didn’t have to worry that much on where and how our furniture was going to get there on time. I thank your employees for the outstanding service performed for me and my family! I’m really glad I found you guys! Milton, 30, Aurora

We really appreciate how easily the move went because of Aurora movers. Our move went wonderfully because of their dedication and hard work. Thank you for the great moving experience! Ingrid, 24, Aurora

That’s what I like about Aurora Movers, everything arrived right on time. They are on schedule and you don’t have to worry about moving. Thanks to their amazing crew who were very patient and willing to understand what we truly want! A very positive experience! Edward, 37, Aurora